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Schools of the 21st century are no longer limited by time and space. Master in Canada, a unique initiative, experience having studied in order to improve the learning experience of students. The school has developed an innovative learning program.

June / July / August Mountains are times specially entry known as the input session. There are over all schools, universities, institutes and colleges offer admission during this period.

Our database online degree programs can help you determine where to study and find the program that most interests you at a Canadian university. It includes learning programs online and distance.

Our universities offer bachelor and master in many areas. Instead of navigating through various websites of universities in our database first comprehensive data. It contains nearly 15,000 programs, link to detailed information on university websites information.

Normally, candidates must for a master’s degree and hold the academic equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in four years from UBC, including one of the following options:

A minimum overall average in the range B + (76% at UBC) in the third and fourth the year.
Academic achievement with at least 12 credits of the third or fourth course of the year in the range of Class A (at UBC 80% or more) in the field of study.

That Applicants who do not meet the above requirements, but gave other important formal education, work experience and / or otherwise possess demonstrable knowledge or expertise that could prepare adequately to succeed academically in a particular program, may be admitted to the recommendation of the appropriate curriculum and approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Persons of indigenous origin are especially encouraged to apply. Please read additional information for the graduate programs of Aboriginal candidates.

Note: Additional courses beyond the bachelor’s degree to improve a little GPA or meet the requirement of 12 credit as unclassified student at UBC, will be considered on the basis of reasoning from ‘ a specific program, but no guarantees of non-eligibility for admission.

Doctoral programs:- Doctoral students (Ph.D.), Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) must have completed the following requirements prior to admission:

In the case of Ph. D., holds a master’s degree (or equivalent) from an accredited with clear evidence of research ability or potential, in the case of DMA institution, a master’s degree ( or equivalent) from a recognized university with exceptional ability in musical performance or composition in case of doctoral education, a master’s degree from an accredited institution institution.

A bachelor’s degree with one year of study in the master’s program of 12 credits of the first of the middle class, including 9 credits must be at the 500 level or higher and at least 9 credits must be of first class standing. In addition:

(For Ph.D.) clear evidence of research capacity and potential;
(For Ph.D., elementary education) first class standing in teacher training or a degree in education;

(For Ed.D.) as the date of first class and first class in any working condition and five years of professional experience or
(For DMA) the remarkable ability of the performance or composition.
In exceptional cases, candidates who demonstrate a bachelor’s degree with an overall average of about grade and direct research capacity can be granted admission to a doctoral program on the recommendation of approval of the program graduate studies and approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Students directly from a bachelor’s degree must be in the first year of the study, complete 12 credits with a first class average, at least 9 credits must be at 500 or more and are at least 9 credits should be first class, registration as a graduate student to keep.

Persons of indigenous origin are especially encouraged to apply. Please read additional information about the original applicant for graduate programs.

Please note: As the number of candidates does not exceed the number of vacancies filled, record the conditions of entry fundamental guarantees admission to the course.

Popular Degrees for International Students

American universities and Canada offer a wide range of graduate programs, but some of the most common occasions for quality international students are:

MBA: Master of Business Administration
MA in Engineering
MA in Management
MA in Tourism and Hospitality
MA in Computing
MA in Accounting
MPA: Master of Public Administration
MA in Nutrition
MA in Criminal Justice

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA is a very popular choice at the graduate level. MBA programs usually take last two years. They are the gold standard for business education that offers significant benefits to those who serve it: increased marketability, expanded possibilities and significantly higher lifetime earnings. Getting an MBA is a clear sign of drives, professional commitment and competence to solve a variety of technical and management level staff capacity. Earn an average of $ 25,000 MBAs over the holders of bachelor’s degrees. An MBA will train you in the general principles and standards of corporate governance.

Find MBA degrees at the University in the USA

Master in Engineering: Together with a Master of Science in Engineering or a Master of Engineering MEng degree as the terminal degree in mechanical engineering. Degrees in mechanical engineering usually focus on a particular type of technology, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, computer science, civil engineering and process engineering. Cause a degree in mechanical engineering to high-paying careers in the chosen specialty.

Find Master of Engineering in the USA

Master in Management: While an MBA makes you to all important areas of management within the business area, many other degrees focus on a specific aspect of the management discipline. A master’s degree in management can lead to a career in international business, or in industries such as technology, health care and public affairs. Graduate degree programs in management are cheaper than the MBA degrees usually.

Offered a Master of Global Management at Royal Roads University

Master in Tourism and Hospitality: Degrees in Tourism Management and Hospitality Management is to prepare for a career in the booming global hotel and tourism industry, including the management of hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, clubs, etc. In response to the world created demand to tourism and hospitality leaders presented the degree international students with excellent training and career opportunities. Academic study of hospitality and tourism management follow similar core to a business degree.

Find Tourism and Hospitality Management Master in the USA and Canada

Master of Computing: A Master of Science in Computing prepares highly skilled professionals with advanced experience in creating and maintaining a secure computer systems and user interfaces. A computer science major approaches calculation from a scientific perspective. An important computer information system integration technology to the business processes and business strategy. The knowledge and skills you will acquire a computing degree opens up career opportunities in a wide range of industries and applications.

Find computer science and IT degrees in the U.S.

Master of Accounting: Master of Science in Accounting or Accounting degree will prepare you for a professional accounting career in public accounting, industry, or public undertakings. Programs strengthen the technical skills and enhance your understanding of professional responsibilities. Concentrations include accounting information systems, taxation and Professional Accounting.

Find U.S. master’s degree in accounting

Master of Public Administration (MPA):- MPA is a professional public affairs degree to which prepares you for a wide range of careers in government, public administration, health policy, law, and non-profit organizations. An MPA is particularly relevant for international students who want to play an influential role in the development of social and medical services in their home countries.

MPA levels found in the United States

Master in Nutrition: A Master of Science degree in nutrition improves professional skills as a food and nutrition specialist and prepares students for leadership positions in the nutrition community. Concentrations include Clinical Nutrition, nutrition and physiology, nutrition and eating disorders in the elderly.

Find U.S. Masters in Nutrition

Masters in Criminal Justice: Master of Science in Criminal Justice degrees prepare students for careers in areas such as modern law enforcement management systems, corrections, court practitioners and cyber forensics. The concentrations are in Fraud Investigation, Security Administration, Public Administration and Emergency Management Agency.

MS Criminal Justice offered in Long Iceland University

Based graduate programs in North America: Graduate programs vary in length depending on the number of completed coursework. A 30-credit program can be completed usually within 12 months. Most graduate programs are examined in two years. Some specific academic programs require 60 or more credits for the degree (eg Master of Science degree in genetic counseling at Long Iceland University).
Teaching and Learning

Unlike bachelor’s degree, where you concentrate a variety of courses in addition to your major, degrees are in a specific subject area. Master’s program is mainly taught programs, such as a master research program (called PhD degrees) over. They spend time learning in the classroom. To obtain a master’s degree, you are usually required to submit a thesis’ – a paper on an extended research project. However, some graduate programs in North America instead requires the completion of practical work in a professional environment, under supervision.
Graduate Schools

At the Master’s level in the U.S. and Canada, you will study at the Graduate School. These are usually departments within a university, provides education and resources specifically for students. Master of Business Administration (MBA) students will likely rely on a University Graduate Business School.